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The Ultimate Karate Bible

Price: $1.00

Learn the secrets of a true karate master

Long lost manuscript will show you exactly how to humiliate your enemies with a few secret moves.

The only product you'll ever need to teach yourself how to defend yourself from any threat or attack

Karate is probably the most effective method of unarmed defence and counter attack ever devised by man. The practitioner depends solely on the deadly efficacy of their trained and toughened bare hands, elbows, knees and feet. The benefits to be gained by Karate go far beyond the purely physical. The experienced practitioner of the martial art attains a high degree of physical and mental awareness. Karate helps with the development of a strong character and builds a feeling of respect toward our fellow man. The study of Karate, therefore, is valuable to all people, male and female, young and old alike.

Is The Ultimate Karate Bible suitable for you?

This huge 191 page manuscript packed with 196 easy to follow illustrations will show you all you need to know about humiliating your enemies and being afraid no longer.

You'll be surprised just how easy it is to defend yourself against any potential threat or attack. As a physical art, Karate is almost without equal. Since it is highly dynamic and makes balanced use of a large number of body muscles, it provides excellent all-round exercise and develops co-ordination and agility.

Here's just a small sample of what you will discover.....

  •      How to adopt the correct stance to protect yourself
  •     Chapter 2 : Over 50 offensive thrusts of attack
  •     17 blocking techniques to defend against an attack
  •     The exact pressure targets to aim for on your attacker. These may surprise you!
  •     Chapter 8 : A whole chapter dedicated especially for women
  •     How to use Karate breathing exercises to train your body to operate at peak performance, even in a moment of extreme danger
  •     The secret to moving from one attack directly into another
  •     Page 25 : How to use The Choker to make any attacker think twice
  •     Which one technique can be used to defend and attack in the same movement
  •     Chapter 14 : Which nerve focal centers to aim for on your opponent. Quickly expose their weak spots and then laugh in their face!
  •     How to defend against street attacks
  •     How to use your attackers size and weight against them
  •     Discover how even a 200lb brute can easily be overpowered
  •     How to defend against a knife attack
  •     Chapter 12 : Diet - Foods that can dramatically improve your performance and which foods you must avoid at all cost
  •     How to develop the prolonged Yoga breath
  •     What to do if you are attacked from behind
  •     How to generate 300% more power on a punch
  •     How to combine multiple blows in less then a second
  •     Avoid the one mistake that will instantly make you weak
  •     The exact moment when you should strike and just as important, the moment you should hang back and defend yourself
  •     And lots, lots more.....

What's even better, is you'll be able to teach yourself all you need to know from the comfort of your own home.

  •     No expensive Karate lessons
  •     No expensive uniforms
  •     Study and learn wherever you wish

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